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Introducing Timy user access management for workspace admins

🔒 👥🔑 Today we are introducing a new feature to control individual Timy user access in your workspace. This will be only available for the workspace admins under Timy PRO plan. As the admin of your Slack workspace sometimes you don't want some of your team members to post scheduled messages in your workspace. This may due to various reasons like you need them to be online at all times or you think they might be idling and post scheduled messages to show that they are working as intended. That's why we are introducing this new feature for the workspace admins so they can choose which users in your workspace can use Timy to send scheduled messages. If you're an admin you can enable this feature by going into the Timy preferences page . There is a new section called " Access Control " and this is only visible for the workspace admins. You will find 4 options to choose from under this section. Allow all users - This will enable Timy for all team me