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Introducing Timy user access management for workspace admins

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Introducing "One Click" revoke access button

🚨🚨🚨 Today we are introducing a new "One Click" revoke access button for Timy. Previously to opt-out from Timy you had to go into the Timy settings page for your workspace and from there you had to find your name and revoke access carefully. This was a very painful task. To put an end for that, we have added a new button called "Revoke Timy Access" under the preferences page . From there you can easily disconnect yourself from Timy and revoke all the permissions you have given. This will clear out your current message queue and take precautions before you proceed since this is an irreversible action. This will also cancel any Timy PRO subscription plan you have activated as well. We hope there won't be any need for you to use this button since you love using Timy for send scheduled messages in Slack. 😏

Take control of your Timy Emails

📧📧📧 Today we are introducing a new email preferences section in your Timy settings page. Previously you didn't have much control on what type of emails you'll receive from Timy. With new email preferences section, you can easily customize what type of emails you would want to receive from Timy. They are categorized under two sections called Application and News. Under Application section you can find most critical emails you'll receive from Timy regarding the application functionality such as billing emails, message delivery failed emails and etc. We recommend you to turn on these application emails since they will give you an insight on the application behavior. Under News and Updates section you'll find the option to opt-in or opt-out from our newsletter and promotion emails. Now you don't need to worry about the emails you'll receive through Timy and you have the full control over them. Happy Scheduling!

Introducing Slackbot notifications for Scheduled messages

🙌⚡✨ We are proud to announce that we are introducing a new feature to receive Slackbot notifications when your scheduled messages are delivered. This will be only available for the Timy  PRO plan. When you have multiple messages scheduled at different times it's hard to keep track of each and every message. With Slackbot notifications you can simply keep track of each and every message delivered and easily jump to the conversation. You can enable this feature through Timy Preferences . If you go to the Preferences page, you'll find a new checkbox called " Send Slackbot alerts when scheduled messages are delivered". By enabling this option you can receive Slackbot alerts when your messages are delivered. If you do not have the required permissions, Timy will ask you to grant access to Slackbot permissions. Hope you'll enjoy this feature and we are continuously adding improvements for Timy so you can make your work more productive. You can always