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Introducing Slackbot notifications for Scheduled messages

🙌⚡✨ We are proud to announce that we are introducing a new feature to receive Slackbot notifications when your scheduled messages are delivered. This will be only available for the Timy  PRO plan. When you have multiple messages scheduled at different times it's hard to keep track of each and every message. With Slackbot notifications you can simply keep track of each and every message delivered and easily jump to the conversation. You can enable this feature through Timy Preferences . If you go to the Preferences page, you'll find a new checkbox called " Send Slackbot alerts when scheduled messages are delivered". By enabling this option you can receive Slackbot alerts when your messages are delivered. If you do not have the required permissions, Timy will ask you to grant access to Slackbot permissions. Hope you'll enjoy this feature and we are continuously adding improvements for Timy so you can make your work more productive. You can always